3 Steps to Six Pack Abs — Workout Strategies and More

What is it about abs? Did you know millions of dollars have been wasted every year in the hunt of “washboard,” “chiselled,” or “six-pack” abs?

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Reports show some new gimmick every week that makes absurd claims like, “How to Get Six Pack Abs in just 1 Minute a Day While You Watch TV!” or “Body over mind! Imagine Your Access to Six-Pack Abs!”

And if you fall for one of such plans, maybe you’ll find yourself cranking out dozens of crunches or situps per day, believing that certain activities will magically get you a six-pack. The bitter truth is, They won’t.

Source: https://twitter.com/markpfeltz4real

[Mark Pfeltz set the 1986 Guinness Book Of World Records for situps, completing 45,005 in 58.5hrs. A magnificent effort, but still no six-pack.]

Accept it or not, there is no demand for smart gadgets or hours of boring crunches and situps. There is surely a LOT of significance to directly training the abs, and we will get into specific workout activities in a while. BUT, if you have a portion of flab on your stomach, all the belly exercises in the world won’t present you with a six-pack!

The Myth of Spot Reduction

There is no belly exercise that, in itself, will decrease abdomen fat. Fat loss happens when your body burns extra energy than it absorbs. It points us to our first step:

Step 1: Eat Less!

If you wish to drop that extra weight and belly fat, you will need to consume smaller meals. It’s that easy.

Now, I’m not recommending that you abruptly cut your calories in half or starve yourself for prolonged periods. Some people have had a bunch of profit with intermittent fasting. Still, I don’t fancy being on an empty stomach for longer than several hours at a point.



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