3000 calories — Know the difference

A normal man needs up to 1800 calories a day. It is not true for athletes; they need up to 3000 calories indeed. It is necessary for his best performance. So, if you are a player, know the difference.

Mrinal Walia


Make relation with Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the major source of energy that athletes need. Taking in the right amount of it makes sure that you have enough fuel to use for your career training. Doctors recommend taking at least 70% of extra calories two to three days before your performance time. It is especially recommended for athletes participating in endurance events.

Water Intake Regularly

To support the electrolyte balance, players must stay hydrated. Take a water bottle with you throughout and avoid the likelihood of being dehydrated.

Fats — Best Athlete Helpers

Fats are athlete helpers. It serves to match the extravagant energy requirements. Trans and saturated fatty acids via diet or supplements are required for all men involved in physical activities.

Eat without the restriction of choices.

For an athlete, it is not good to become a picky person while eating. Try a variety and include a good range of fruits, dairy products, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, etc.


Proteins give strength and help your body gain weight, but behold, an excessive amount of it results in dehydration, bad for the sportsmen.


Sweets are drastic for your body. It increases the blood glucose level imbalances, which causes exhaustion and affects your performance. Stay away from anything made from sugar, not even sugary drinks.

Say bye-bye to caffeine.

Caffeine is directly related to bad performance. If you want to mar your career, carry on with it, and otherwise, stop using it. It could even claim your health if you use it regularly.

Take the vita-mineral support.



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