Machine Learning can be an astonishingly valuable tool to reveal unknown insights and predict forthcoming trends. In today’s post, you will discover machine learning, why Python is popularly accepted for machine learning, several machine learning methods & all the tools you require to get started with machine learning with Python.

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Learning isn’t just about being more competent at your job, and it is so much more than that. Datacamp allows me to learn without limits.

Datacamp provides you with the flexibility you need to take courses on your own time and learn the fundamental skills you need to transition to your successful career.

Datacamp has taught me to pick up new ideas quickly and apply them to real-world…

Forget about cable crossovers, the triceps extension station, or hamstring curls.

We need to FORCE our muscles to grow by moving HEAVY weights in compound movements involving several joints to get stronger. We do NOT want to do silly isolation exercises.

Good examples of compound exercises targeting the lower body include squats and deadlifts, while dips, chin-ups, military presses, and weighted pushups are outstanding upper…

“How many sets and reps should I be doing to get bigger and stronger?”

This article is Part-6 in the list of articles “Learn The Secrets Of How To Pack On SLABS Of Lean, Powerful Muscle That 95% of Gym Rats Will NEVER Know.” So if you have not read that already, I recommend you to go through it first.

Misinformation abounds on the internet and in your standard ‘muscle’ magazines.

Here is what works:

Sets Pro bodybuilder workouts published will sometimes show 30 or more sets per workout, sometimes 20 sets ON A SINGLE BODY PART, which is ridiculous. On top of that, they will often show six days of working out per week.

You want to…

How much money have you spent on protein powder in the last year?

Admit it. Quite a bit, right?

If muscles are made up of mostly protein (that’s simplifying things quite a bit, but you know what I’m talking about), it will make sense that to gain muscle, you would need to eat A LOT of protein.

But just how much?

One gram of protein, per pound of body weight, per day.

The typical gym junkie will…

What you eat shortly before and after your GYM session IS important, but it isn’t rocket science.

There are all sorts of fancy gimmicks out there, telling you that drinking pre or post-workout ‘Product X’ with a ‘secret ingredient or mixture will ‘explode’ your muscle growth.

This article is Part-4 in the list of articles “Learn The Secrets Of How To Pack On SLABS Of Lean, Powerful Muscle That 95% of Gym Rats Will NEVER Know.” So if you have not read that already, I recommend you to go through it first.

Let’s have a look at Pre and Post Workout Nutrition For better Muscle Gains

15–30 Minutes Before Your Workout — Protein And Carb

Drink Before you start your training session, you want to eat or drink something that will get your body into muscle-building mode.

High glycemic index…

There are so many opinions out there on how long and how often you should be working out. If you read a bodybuilder magazine, you might be inclined to try working out 2 hours per day, six days per week, just like the pros. Or you might follow the simple, cookie-cutter generic personal trainer rule of thumb, one hour, three times per week.

Who is right? Why?

Let's look at certain issues in more particular.

How Long?

Getting bigger must mean training LONGER, right? Think again.

Any training session should not continue…

Getting bigger and stronger has everything to do with progressively LIFTING MORE WEIGHT and nothing to do with any silly drop set or ‘muscle pump’ strategy.

Look at Olympic lifters, people who train with the single goal of LIFTING MORE WEIGHT. You will see size, muscularity, and definition that would make even the most hardcore bodybuilder jealous.

Why is this?

As the days go by and you gradually move heavier and heavier weights, your body adapts to the stress you place on it…

Have you been lifting hard in the gym for many months but just haven’t seen the muscle gains you would like?

@Damir Spanic

If you are new to training — you want to add 10, 20, or more pounds of Muscle but are so overwhelmed by conflicting advice, you don’t know where to begin?

It’s easy to get confused when every week you hear about a new ‘secret’ technique or shortcut to getting bigger and stronger.

That’s not the case with the information in this report. …

What is it about abs? Did you know millions of dollars have been wasted every year in the hunt of “washboard,” “chiselled,” or “six-pack” abs?

Reports show some new gimmick every week that makes absurd claims like, “How to Get Six Pack Abs in just 1 Minute a Day While You Watch TV!” or “Body over mind! Imagine Your Access to Six-Pack Abs!”

And if you fall for one of such plans, maybe you’ll find yourself cranking out dozens of crunches or situps per day, believing that certain activities will magically get you a six-pack. The bitter truth is, They won’t.



What you believe can affect your workout practically as much as what you do! Self-talk and self-monitoring offer assured results according to modern researches. Negative thoughts can tweak your performance, degrade your benefits and even stop you from exercising as regularly as you should. Positive reviews can produce the exact opposite result.

Here are five mental tricks everyone should attempt:

1. Remember, “Yes, I can.” Thinking about positive ideas that can help you achieve greater results. …


I am a professional Python Developer specializing in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision with a hobby of writing blogs and articles.

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