Busting the myth of the lazy stoner can seem like an impossible feat. Still, with a few tips and tricks in your stash bag, your success story can certainly include a chapter on cannabis.

Maybe you’ve even noticed that most of the highly productive may include plenty of successful, hard-working stoners. It consists of the

Let us not procrastinate and instead dive right into these 10 productive stoner tips to be certain you make the most out of your time, and you’re high.

1. Make a list

Listicles are the new articles, and writing a to-do list…

A normal man needs up to 1800 calories a day. It is not true for athletes; they need up to 3000 calories indeed. It is necessary for his best performance. So, if you are a player, know the difference.

Make relation with Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the major source of energy that athletes need. Taking in the right amount of it makes sure that you have enough fuel to use for your career training. Doctors recommend taking at least 70% of extra calories two to three days before your performance time. It is especially recommended for athletes participating in endurance events.

Water Intake Regularly

To support the electrolyte balance, players must stay hydrated. Take a water bottle with you throughout and avoid the likelihood of being dehydrated.

Fats — Best Athlete Helpers

Fats are athlete helpers. It serves to match the extravagant energy requirements. …

Many people do body detoxification diets for various reasons, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Some people lose weight, while others reverse chronic conditions, which have not responded well to conventional medicine.

Whatever the reason may be, a body detoxification diet can work wonders for your health, but only if you take the right approach. Going on a natural detoxification diet without proper planning and thought and consulting your doctor may do more harm than good. Although it is a very powerful tool, caution has to be used with all powerful tools in life.

For starters

One should never diet without…

We talk about as though it’s only for big ‘ole tough guys. That sells the workout program a little short.

Will work for women? For anyone who has ever done or followed a Workout, you already know that there’s always a woman on the program, and they all kick butt.

I know that there is a fear of bulking up too much and looking un-feminine from lifting weights for many women. As with all things in life, it depends on what your goal is. There are women out there that have created enormous physiques for themselves, to the point where most people find it gross.

P90X is not designed with that in mind. …

Sports medicine and fitness trainers give the following recommendations for rapid muscle building and strength gain in bodybuilding.

To build muscle effectively, it is not enough to exercise regularly. In addition, it is also important to avoid various mistakes so that strength and muscle building progress quickly.

Maintaining recovery times

The muscle-building does not occur during training but rather in the rest phases between the individual training units. So the rule of thumb is that each muscle group should be given 48 hours of recovery between workouts. If the training takes place on consecutive days anyway, you should train different muscle groups on successive days, such as back, shoulders, chest and arms, and then the legs on the…

Are you chic?


The dictionary describes chic as “attractive and fashionable; stylish,” and as it turns out, there are many kinds of chic.

Urban chic might be the style in a big city, but rural chic is better for a small town. Runway chic is only suitable for the super tall and seriously thin who can afford to dress up in the extremely expensive clothes seen parading down a fashion show runway, while casual chic lets you dress down stylishly.

There are many ways to be chic, so I’m sure we can find a chic that will work for you — maybe even a chic for me!

Hippie Chic

Pregnancy is so much more than having a baby. It involves changes in mind, body and emotions. Hormones rage and emotions flare.

@Anna Hecker From Unsplash

Today, we will look at some things to help you and your spouse understand the natural process of pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy is broken up into three trimesters of 3 months each

@Andrew Neel from Unsplash

Our old friends, stress, anxiety and plain old exhaustion contribute to your morning brain fog. And you are probably thinking, a cup of Joe can help dissipate that fog hanging over you. But have you ever wondered if that morning cup of caffeine has any benefits?

Though there’s no solid evidence that caffeinated beverages will help you remember where you last left your car keys, briefcase, or children, for that matter, part of what makes you smart can retrieve the information you’ve learned in the past.

However, stress, anxiety, information overload and plain old exhaustion can contribute to your morning…

Men who are prone to premature ejaculation sometimes suffer from a psychological problem due to the hypersensitivity of the Glans.

The issue is that the brain is stimulated while sexually aroused, and the brain sends signals to the penis, causing the erection. After the message is received, the brain sends the news throughout the entire body. When a man experiences premature ejaculation, he lacks control of the arousal leading to hypersensitivity of the Glans.

When a man experiences this hypersensitivity, the pre-seminal fluid is released from the Cowper’s gland to provide lubrication and clean out the urethra tube within the penis. …

Several factors can contribute to a man suffering from premature ejaculation, and alcohol is one of the most powerful.

@unsplash Priscilla Du Preez

Ironically, alcohol can help a man deal with various kinds of erectile dysfunction: impotence and premature ejaculation.

Things like stress, depression, and other aspects of a man’s mental state can affect his sexual performance. So, in that case, a few drinks can help a man relax, thus making it easier for him to perform.

Drinking in moderation can be a good way to prevent premature ejaculation. In addition, alcohol deadens certain nerve endings and decreases a man’s ability to feel sensations. …


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