Busting A Myth — Daily Exercise To Lose Weight

Is it REALLY worth the effort?

Mrinal Walia


My girlfriend and I were talking with a friend of ours a few days ago when the subject of weight loss and physical fitness came up. She desired to know “the secret” of our weight loss. You see, I would say that we’re among “the grads” mentioned at 60 in 3. We have managed to get our weight too much “healthier” levels. We continue to gain knowledge about healthy eating and weight loss but also have the opportunity to focus more on the fitness and prevention side of health. I started my journey with the idea that I could use daily exercise to lose weight and moved forward from there.

The following outlines our discussion.

The secret to weight loss

So, our friend wanted to know what we were doing differently. She knew that I had taken up running to lose weight in 2019, and the assumption was that running was responsible for my weight loss. I’ve dropped 62 pounds during my journey and 76 from my peak weight. She also knew that my girlfriend was teaching yoga, so it seemed logical that exercise was the key. That, of course, is what I thought — back before I started this whole adventure. I think the answer surprised her…

Step 1. Acknowledging My Weakness

I recognized a weakness in myself. I have never been into exercise, “just for the sake of exercise.” I had also never been a runner, preferring to get my exercise aside from group activities.

Things like playing basketball or tennis. Yet, as an adult, I was unable to both a) find a partner that could commit to those activities regularly and b) commit to them myself. I, and others, are just too busy taking care of pets, jobs, homes, and relationships.

So, I decided to run a 15K, and all my training was during my lunch breaks. I didn’t like running, but it can be done as a lone activity, and preparing to run a 15K isn’t very time intensive.

This meant I had to stop eating out at lunch and instead pack a lunch. I changed nothing else in my eating habits or exercise. On day 1, I weighed 242 pounds. Twelve weeks later, on the day of that event, I weighed 215 pounds. I attributed the success to running.



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