Causes And Symptoms Of Chronic Stress

It is a long-term psychological problem that affects physiology in different ways that ultimately become chronic.

3 min readNov 17, 2021


An extreme condition like this may get created by the death of a loved one, divorce, and losing a job, and your earning is stopped abruptly. A harmful ailment can affect the body from chronic stress. It is always essential to identify this stress as early as possible. Otherwise, chronic stress can lead to creating panic attacks or mental disorders. Heart problems are the result of such chronic stress.

Teenage Depression

It is sadly a misconception that teenaged depression results from some hormonal changes that take place naturally. Numerous symptoms in teenagers are seen, like chronic fatigue, problems focusing on the assigned work, lack of concentration, and irritability. These symptoms of depression get worsen with the progression in age.

Some worse symptoms like crying, shouting, lethargy, and generally complaining of tiredness and depression. It can virtually lead to chronic pain, stress, headaches, fatigue, or sometimes digestive problems.

Some changes can be observed in:

  • eating habits
  • increasing or decreasing body weight
  • changing sleeping style
  • poor mood
  • feeling worthless in society
  • avoiding social get-togethers.

Parents must seek some medical treatment.

Causes of Depression

External stress leads to chronic depression. It may be because of a divorce in the family. Family setup gets disturbed, sometimes financial problems, death in the family and recent tragedy can lead to trouble or sexual abuses and alcohol or drug problems.

Some social, academic, or sports goals are not getting fulfilled, which can be because of depression. Severe depression can compel the victim to commit suicide. So it is really worth mentioning that you may recognize such symptoms at the earliest to find some solution to this problem. Medical help is immediately required to be given to the affected person.




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