Creatine vs. Kre-Alkalyn in bodybuilding

2 min readOct 5, 2021

Together with regular protein intake, creatine intake is one of the cornerstones of an effective diet in bodybuilding and other strength sports. While the different amino acids contained in protein effectively build muscle mass, especially in the regeneration phase, creatine plays a different role. It occurs naturally in muscle tissue and is effective during active muscle stress. If the muscle needs short-term energy, such as lifting or pushing heavy loads, the body’s phosphate compound ATP is broken down and used as a short-term energy supplier.

To prevent lasting energy losses, the split ATP is reassembled, with creatine acting as an additional element. However, the creatine stores in muscle tissue are also limited, so the body has to access glycose as an energy supplier if there is a lack of creatine. The conversion of glucose takes correspondingly longer, and the athlete perceives this through the onset of fatigue.

The supply of additional creatine results in an expansion of the creatine stores in the muscle tissue.

For the bodybuilder or strength athlete, this has the advantages that his performance and endurance increase and the muscle appears visually plumper, as additional water reserves are built up in the muscle tissue. The higher water content in the forces should also lead to more effective muscle building in the regeneration phase during protein synthesis.

Kre Alkalyn

Kre Alkalyn represents a further development of creatine, which is ultimately creatine buffered with sodium. The addition of salt increases the ph value of the creatine. As a result, the Kre Alkalyn can no longer be broken down by stomach acid and is completely ready for absorption in the intestine. It prevents Kre Alkalyn from dropping out prematurely.

Bodybuilders report a better digestibility and tolerance of Kre Alkalyn.

The creatine stores are expanded more effectively, and the pump of muscles is up to 20% greater than with pure creatine supply. In addition, the effect of forces bloated with water cannot be observed. Kre Alkalyn has the further advantage of promoting blood circulation in the muscles, which positively impacts training. The muscles are better supplied with nutrients and during the regeneration phase.

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