Easy Diet Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Mrinal Walia
4 min readNov 13, 2021

Many people get paranoid about weight loss and fitness and do anything and everything to loose weight. Some invest in home fitness equipment, while many go on a crash diet, work hard at the gyms, etc. A majority of people take up harsh measures for weight loss based on impulse. So they find it challenging to keep the tempo going and give up after a while. The result is that they gain more weight instead of losing.

Myths About Weight Loss

1. Breakfast is compulsory to remain thin.

2. Late-night dinner causes fat to accumulate because there the calories are not expended.

3. No fat should be consumed while on a weight loss spree.

4. Obesity is genetic.

5. With age, it becomes increasingly difficult to shed weight.

6. It’s better to remain plump than very thin.

These myths have put off many from keeping themselves fit and healthy by losing excess fat.



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