Future of Technology in Healthcare: Top 5 Open-Source Projects

Technology in Healthcare — 5 Top Open Source Projects Shaping the Year 2024

Mrinal Walia
5 min readFeb 8, 2024
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Top open-source projects that will help shape the future of technology in healthcare to keep you updated on the latest technological advancements in medicine.

Welcome to the future of healthcare! Have you ever thought of AI reversing aging like never before? This article will walk you through the five most impactful technology open-source projects that are making it happen.

The projects mentioned in this article have their source code easily accessible on GitHub, and I will be sharing the links with all. So make sure you check them out and see how you can use them for your projects or your next big start-up idea.

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List of Top 5 Projects ⬇️

1. OpenEMR

GitHub | Official documentation

OpenEMR is an awesome tool for comprehensive solutions with electronic health records and managing the medical practice. It is completely free, open source, and has integrated records, scheduling, and billing.

And guess what?

It is very easy to access this software on platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X due to its strong support and community.



GitHub | Official documentation

I am very much impressed with HAPI FHIR — a Java-based tool for FHIR clients and servers, offering a complete HL7 FHIR standard implementation for healthcare interoperability.

It’s been a free, open-source global good for the last 23 years under the Apache Software License 2.0.

This initiative by Smile Digital Health focuses on modern, developer-friendly healthcare data exchange.


3. OpenMRS

GitHub | Official documentation

I love OpenMRS because it focuses on offering a free, configurable electronic medical record system (EMR) centered on the patient.

The mission of OpenMRS is to improve healthcare delivery in areas with minimal resources, harnessing a global community.

This community has come together to develop an open-source medical record system platform that is robust, scalable, and user-centric.


4. Fasten

GitHub | Official documentation

Fasten makes an invaluable open-source, self-hosted electronic medical record aggregator for personal and family use.

It is designed to connect seamlessly with more than 100K insurance, hospitals, and clinics.


5. Medplum

GitHub | Official documentation

I think that Medplum is a great healthcare platform that helps in the quick development of top-quality, compliant applications.

Medplum is an open-source developer platform that makes it easier to develop, test, and deliver your healthcare product or service.

It is definitely a good tool to develop flexible, fast healthcare apps.


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