New Year — Tradition of Different Countries, Through The Eyes of Numerous People And How Is It Celebrated In Japan

5 min readDec 31, 2021

Russian folk wisdom says — how many heads, so many opinions. The same can be said about the various New Year traditions of residents of different countries of the world.

In Hungary, for example, on New Year’s Eve, it is impossible to find children’s whistles, socks, pipes in the afternoon with fire. Why are there so many children, or are Hungarian children so fond of music? You ask.

Well, I do not! It’s just that, according to the traditions of these people, any harmful spirits cannot stand (excuse the pun) the piercing sounds of these instruments and just fly away in different directions at the speed of light.

Well-being and joy, on the contrary, appear in dwellings, attracted by the same sounds.

On New Year’s Eve, you just have to eat a pea in Latvia. This is the only way to get what you want in the new year.

In some villages of France, 100 years ago, there was such an amusing tradition: the hostess, who was the first to take water from the spring, had to leave there a pie baked with her own hands.

Each next woman took a lying pie and left her own. In this way, the whole village exchanged buns and good New Year’s wishes in one day.

On New Year’s Eve, stones are held in high esteem in Greece! Do not be surprised — not precious, but ordinary pebbles were taken somewhere on the pavement or by the stream. Entering the house, hospitable owners, the guest should leave him with the words: “Let the wealth of the owners be as heavy as this stone.”

In Bulgaria, the lights are turned off immediately after the new year. No, don’t think that this is the intrigue of the local Bulgarian energy company.

It’s just that all loving couples kiss at this time, so the New Year in this country is also called the holiday of kissing.

Go ahead. On New Year’s Eve in Colombia, many people appear on the streets with dolls in their hands. This is a symbol of the old year with which they say goodbye and people thank the…


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