P90X Reviews — Weight Loss For Women

We talk about P90X as though it’s only for big ‘ole tough guys. That sells the workout program a little short.

3 min readSep 13, 2021


Will P90X work for women? For anyone who has ever done or followed a P90X Workout, you already know that there’s always a woman on the program, and they all kick butt.

I know that there is a fear of bulking up too much and looking un-feminine from lifting weights for many women. As with all things in life, it depends on what your goal is. There are women out there that have created enormous physiques for themselves, to the point where most people find it gross.

P90X is not designed with that in mind. Its purpose isn’t just about losing weight.

Its goal is for people to get fit and lean. By building muscle, the body naturally uses more energy, aka calories. As your body adapts to the exercises and the healthier diet, you’ll see your body fat % shrink and your lean muscle mass increase. Your arms and shoulders will have a greater definition, legs will get more toned, and tummy muscles will tighten.

Please take a look at the women on the DVD, they represent various sizes and shapes, but they’re all fit.

My girlfriend usually works out at the gym, but we were on a fun trip recently, and while we were gone, she did some of the P90X workouts with me and enjoyed them. I enjoyed working out with her.

We did P90X Shoulders and Arms first, followed by plyometrics. She kicked my butt at plyometrics. I still struggle with this set of exercises because of my knees, but I am getting better and better at it.

We had such amazing participation doing them together that we’re continuing the mutual workouts at home. She keeps me focused and on track on the days that my attitude isn’t as good as it could be.

P90X training can benefit just about anyone that is trying to get back into shape. I realize that it’s marketed for people already in fair to moderate condition, but speaking as a guy that’s still 155 lbs. it’s been great for me as well.

You can go at your pace, from moderate to intense, and the P90X always has someone doing lighter weights and more reps. So, I wouldn’t dissipate my time agonizing about it for any woman considering P90X and unsure whether it’ll be too intense for you.

My girlfriend says that the workouts she’s done with me seem to be a bit easier than what she does at the gym. I guess that sounds like P90X heresy, but that’s her experience.

However, she does like the workouts, and it is nice to be doing them together instead of by myself. So whether you are a guy, girl, or couple, P90X will work for you. Just be sure to check with your doctor before you start if you have any questionable health risks or concerns.




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