Precious stones and essential oil for more beauty and well-being

2 min readJun 15, 2022

Gemstones and essential oil are known to harmonize the flow of energy in the body and thus ensure greater well-being. Furthermore, they should be able to positively affect our appearance. Even Cleopatra used precious stones and various oils to beautify her skin.

PEKANA, the supplier of natural products, has taken advantage of this fact and developed a precious stone balm, paired with essential oils, for body and soul.

Precious stones and essential oil — wellness from head to toe

The gemstone balm from PEKANA not only cares for the skin but also has a beneficial effect on the mind and emotional world thanks to the essential oil. It is therefore also suitable for body massages, acupressure and foot reflexology massages and as a support in kinesiology and energy work. An absolute wellness product!

Precious stones and essential oil — the power of composition

According to the findings of quantum physics, gemstones radiate energy and give us energetic impulses, which can be further supported by the blood circulation-promoting effect of essential oils. In addition, the oils send scent information to our brain via the olfactory center, influencing our emotions and the autonomic nervous system. Goal: a harmonization of body, mind and soul.

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