Some Myths to Help Calories Burn

Shedding off the pound is something more men and women would like to think about and wish to do, but fewer are becoming successful. Here are some unusual myths that are TRUE and can help you burn those extra carbs.

2 min readJun 20, 2022


You may be exercising a lot, but still, your calorie burn is slow, and there is nothing or no one you can blame. Perhaps you haven’t heard about some myths that have something to do with your diet and calorie burn.

You don’t drink enough water.

Drinking adequate water keeps the metabolism in the correct phase. So when you do not have enough water, you do not achieve the correct metabolism rate your body should have. As a result, the metabolism is slower than expected. In addition, your body working to bring up the cold water to 98.6 degrees burns plenty of calories. Therefore, intake of hot tea may not be that helpful in burning calories.

Low Vitamin D is not good.

Being low in vitamin D make the calorie burn slower, and the hormone ghrelin is higher. This hormone makes you more hungry. Taking in vitamin D helps you burn more calories, so if you can’t have enough vitamin D from sunlight, taking in a supplement might be helpful with the help of a physician.

Not lifting weights.

It’s known that exercise is crucial for the body and burning calories. But if your exercise involves only running and indoor cycling, it does not totally help. It is essential to involve strength training to up your calorie burn.

Consulting a health consultant.

Remember, eating right and exercising right is the key to burning that extra calorie. Consult a physician, and do not risk yourself by believing in advertisements and hearsay. Another individual’s experience may not be fit for every other person all the time. Remember, we are all unique individuals.

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