Taurine (found in RedBull and other energy drinks) as a performance booster

2 min readOct 20, 2021
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Ever since energy drinks have found their way into our lives, everyone has known the term "taurine" and has certainly already consumed this substance through one or the other drink. Mostly in the hope of being able to hold out longer. Taurine is added to energy drinks because, like caffeine, it stimulates the metabolism and makes us more efficient. Taurine gives the body that certain kick when it comes to symptoms of fatigue and concentration problems.

Taurine, the name itself, says it all. The scientists Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedemann discovered this substance in the gall of bulls in 1827. Taurine is the Latin term for the word bull. At that time, this substance was thought to have a potency-increasing effect.

In the past few decades, taurine has been further researched and explored. Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid formed when the amino acids cysteine ​​and methionine are broken down.

It is involved in the development of our nervous system and in building our muscles. Therefore, taurine is interesting as a dietary supplement for strength athletes/bodybuilders. It regulates the calcium supply and the fluid balance of the muscle cells. At the same time, taurine increases the organs' oxygen uptake. It creates an optimal basis for endurance and strength training. Due to the metabolism-increasing properties of taurine, the body does not tire so quickly, and the movement can be made more enduring.

Especially in performance-oriented sports such as weight training and bodybuilding, exercise reduces the body's taurine production. As a result, the heart rate, and thus also the performance, decrease. To overcome this physical zero point, you can take a dietary supplement with taurine.

And last but not least, this amino sulfonic acid has anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the immune system. Taurine not only protects the body against annoying colds and helps it through the annual flu waves, but it also protects the body from sore muscles if you have put a few weights too much on yourself.

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