The One Training Rule That You MUST Follow If You Want To Get Bigger and Stronger

Getting bigger and stronger has everything to do with progressively LIFTING MORE WEIGHT and nothing to do with any silly drop set or ‘muscle pump’ strategy.

3 min readJul 28, 2021


This article is Part-2 in the list of articles “Learn The Secrets Of How To Pack On SLABS Of Lean, Powerful Muscle That 95% of Gym Rats Will NEVER Know.” So if you have not read that already, please have a look at the above article.

Look at Olympic lifters, people who train with the single goal of LIFTING MORE WEIGHT. You will see size, muscularity, and definition that would make even the most hardcore bodybuilder jealous.

Why is this?

As the days go by and you gradually move heavier and heavier weights, your body adapts to the stress you place on it. It recruits and builds more muscle fibres, forces existing fibres to grow. You become bigger and stronger as a result.

If you are not continually forcing the body to adapt by demanding more from it (i.e. lifting heavier weights), your body won’t change!

So let’s accept that out of the action right now:

If you aren’t lifting more now than you were a month ago (let alone a year ago), you aren’t any stronger, and you can stop wondering why you haven’t gotten any bigger.

To get stronger, and as a result, bigger, you have to do all you can to LIFT MORE WEIGHT continually.

If you can bench press 225 pounds right now and add one pound per week for four years, would you then be bench pressing over 400 pounds? Maybe. But I’m not saying that you would necessarily be bench pressing over 700 pounds if you did this for ten years.

Everyone has their limits.

But the real question is, HONESTLY, have you come even close to reaching yours?

My guess is probably not. So let’s get busy.

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