Water, water, water!

It does not matter if it is for fashion. We must know where the water we drink comes from.

Mrinal Walia


We must take water seriously. Even those plastic bottles that they sell in the shops can leave a taste. So that this does not happen, let us use the information that the network gives away.

It is surprising to see that, at least, the labels of some water slugs reveal that it is ordinary water extracted from the municipal pump: from the tap.

The dilemma

If we have one of the most drinkable waters globally in this country, why do we buy bottled water? Why do we have to go from 50 cents to more than a dollar in a liquid that even tastes and goes away in one sip?

We can buy it in cases where, as has occurred, the rains and poor maintenance of the water treatment plants bring sediment, coloration, and bad taste to the water in the houses.

But, in this strenuous and information-rich search on the Internet, we found all kinds of articles and research. They are read from which it is discovered that companies lie to us about the origin of the water. For example, they steal it from an Iceberg, from virgin mountains and exotic islands.

Some excuse companies because they perform unusual treatments, for example: passing it under ultraviolet light to make it taste better, there are unique flavored waters for lovers of effervescent tablets, waters that are for people with the more monetary acquisition and they need a particular type of water for a given the time of day.

Water is a victim of marketing. And it is that this sector has grown enormously in the last ten years. So much so that the giants of soda have wanted a piece of this opportunity after creating exceptional brands with the treatment that their best-selling products receive.

This aroused the greed of many companies that want to get rich in a short time and that lie to us about their content. Few companies have been weighed down by their attempts, and today they face million-dollar lawsuits for having falsified information and, therefore, endangering public health.

We make it clear that consuming water undoubtedly benefits all living beings. It does not matter if it is done to follow a fashion. For now, we only underscore the care and treatment that we all owe to this blessed country and make it work so that we do not destroy each other.



Mrinal Walia

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