Why 3 Hours A Week Is The MOST, You Should Be Spending In The Gym

Part 3: The One Training Rule That You MUST Follow If You Want To Get Bigger and Stronger

There are so many opinions out there on how long and how often you should be working out. If you read a bodybuilder magazine, you might be inclined to try working out 2 hours per day, six days per week, just like the pros. Or you might follow the simple, cookie-cutter generic personal trainer rule of thumb, one hour, three times per week.

Who is right? Why?

Let's look at certain issues in more particular.

How Long?

Getting bigger must mean training LONGER, right? Think again.

Any training session should not continue for more than 45 minutes, optimally no longer than 30.


First of all, in developing strength and size, the name of the game is INTENSITY.

If you want the well-muscled physique of an Olympic sprinter, you would want to hit each training session and each set within that session, HARD. You wouldn't want to plod along for 2 hours like an emaciated marathon runner.

If you are hitting every set with everything you've got, you will be SPENT after around 30 minutes. And that's the idea.

These brief, intense efforts cause the body to compensate by packing on slabs of muscle, which is what you want.

But there is likewise a further detailed logic for keeping training sessions short.

Your body's response to the stimulus of lifting weights is to release testosterone and growth hormone. We want these hormones flowing through our veins in ample amounts. These hormones equal MUSCLE GAINS (not to mention health, virility, and performance).

About 25 minutes into your workout, the levels of these hormones peak, but by 45 minutes, they stop being released in such large amounts…



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